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College Students looking over applications.

FAFSA Campaign

About the Connecticut FAFSA Challenge

Four (4) High school kids in school and in a row with school books smiling at the camera.

The Connecticut FAFSA Challenge is a statewide campaign to increase the proportion of Connecticut high school seniors who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which helps students qualify for federal aid like Pell grants to pay for their college expenses. The challenge encourages all Connecticut schools and districts to set a FAFSA completion goal that is 5% higher than March 31st of last year, or alternatively, a goal that fits their schools’ circumstances. Schools that meet their goals will be eligible for awards and recognition by CCAN.

College student on his phone in a classroom.

The Winner's Circle

Connecticut CAN will celebrate the progress and success of all schools and districts that make significant strides in FAFSA completion between October 1 and May 30. Award categories are:


“MVP” (Highest FAFSA completion rate through May 30th)


“Most Improved” (Improved their FAFSA completion rate the most compared to last year through May 30th)


“Biggest Boost” (Largest week to week improvement in FAFSAs completed)


Connecticut schools and districts that set and achieve a boost in FAFSA completion by at least 5% over last year, or who meet a goal that they set for their school.


Register your school for the Connecticut FAFSA Challenge

Schools who register will be eligible for prizes and state recognition.

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